Students & Teaching

I currently teach courses in Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurial Management, and, for Ph.D. students, a Seminar in Organizational Theory.

Previously, I’ve taught undergraduate business capstone courses in Strategic Management. I have designed and/or taught multiple online courses ranging from entrepreneurship to general management, including pedagogical design work for a highly-ranked MBA curriculum.

My teaching style is semi-Socratic. With increasing volumes of information available freely, my philosophy is to develop and reinforce entrepreneurial thinking skills through inclusive discussion. However, this is the style that seems to work best at present. In the classroom, I view myself as the “chief student.” First, that means that I’m the most excited to explore and learn. Second, that role means that I’m continuously learning from the class. I seek to forever improve and adapt how I teach in order to best engage my students.

Prospective Ph.D./Doctoral Students:

  • The Carson Ph.D. in Management typically admits several students each year. You can focus your studies in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, or Organizational Behavior.
Thomas Allison
Thomas Allison